6 Pairs of Gorgeous Eyelashes
6 Pairs of Gorgeous Eyelashes

6 Pairs of Gorgeous Eyelashes

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When it comes to lashes who doesn't want more? Bigger, longer, or with extra sparkle? When Gorgeous Cosmetics created these amazing new false lash styles with Madam Lash they had all the answers. How could you fail batting your eyes Twiggies, Hepburn, or Miss Cheeky? With lash options in all lengths, shapes, and finishes, there really is an answer for every occasion. A flirty summer party, glamorous evening out, or just to wear to get your coffee.


ANGELIQUE: Very natural looking, adds length to natural lash.

HEPBURN: These lashes are very Audrey - so very 50's inspired and longer at the end for a catlike flick on the end of the eye.

MINI: These are definitely not Mini but subtlety natural and thick. They are the most perfect lash ever made! Glamorous but not too heavy and perfectly shaped for every eye.

TWIGGIES: A fun and quirky lash, this is definitely one of our favorites.

MISS CHEEKY: The most subtle and natural lash, not creating too much thickness, just a little sweet flick on the ends. Great for first-timers to falsies.

TOKYO: A smaller version of the Miss Cheeky lash, however they are one length all the way across.

For the perfect application try these tips:

Length: Your false lashes must be the same length as your natural lashes, any overhang will make your eyes look down turned. Measure by placing the lashes next to your own. Any excess should be trimmed from the inside edge.

: Curl your natural lashes and then apply your mascara. Mascara can make a mess of your false lashes, reducing their usability if applied over the top.

: Apply a thin line of glue to the lash base. Wait 15 seconds for glue to become tacky before applying. DonÌt apply glue directly to your eyelid.

: Looking down angle your head up so you can see the top of your eyelid. Press the center of the lashes to the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Line up the middle then gently press the ends into place. Glue will dry clear

Brought to you by Gorgeous Cosmetics, an Australian cosmetic brand that flourished through passion, loyalty, and the pursuit of elite quality. Promising more than just a face for the day, the Gorgeous range of cosmetic products and services designed to give you the confidence to achieve glamour every day.

Each member of the Gorgeous team is a qualified Makeup Artist, trained with meticulous care to the highest standards in the industry. With Gorgeous Cosmetics, confident glamour can be ever Yours.

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