Dr. White Magic T-Stick Toothbrush (Exclusive)
Dr. White Magic T-Stick Toothbrush (Exclusive)

Dr. White Magic T-Stick Toothbrush (Exclusive)

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Many people use electric toothbrushes, not only because nearly every dentist recommends them to each of their clients, but because they are the best means of keeping teeth clean and plaque free.   Magic T-Stick by Dr. White debuts its 2-in-1 sonic toothbrush, offering over 22,000 strokes per minute of sonic frequency, compared to the old-fashioned, manual way of approximately 300 strokes per minute.  Magic T-Stick not only provides a better rapid motion because of its sonic frequency, but it also self-sanitizes after each brushing, killing 99.9% of the bacteria on a toothbrush after a cleaning.  

Magic T-Stick kills 99.9% of bacteria after each cleaning

‘    Ultra-slim and portable
‘    Sonic frequency - 22,000 strokes per minute
‘    More gentle on teeth and gums
‘    Powerful plaque remover
‘    Sanitizing will automatically turn off after completion (~ 6 minutes)
‘    Kills over 99.9% bacteria
‘    Toothbrush - Waterproof IPX7, UV Sanitizer-Water Resistant
‘    Replaceable brush head 
‘    Battery operated “ 3 AAA batteries
‘    DuPont Bristle

ABOUT DR. WHITE:  Dr. White is the creator behind the fifteen minute teeth whitening system, Magic Blue, which has taken the proven technology of blue light and made accessible to consumers at home or anywhere.  Magic Blue led to the development of other œOral Beauty” products like Magic T-Stick and Magic Wand, that bring the effectiveness of teeth cleaning and whitening to the consumer on an everyday basis.

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