Fluppi The Worlds Smallest Vacuum

Fluppi The Worlds Smallest Vacuum

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  • Clean up your car, boat, or RV whenever you need
  • Vacuum sharp objects like broken glass, nails, or gravel
  • Stop cleaning crumbs off your table cloth by hand
  • Get pet hair off your furniture or clothing fast
  • Simple, ingenious cleaning brush from Germany
Not being able to clean quickly, your car, boat or RV, whenever you want, is frustrating? Vacuum cleaners are great, but sometimes they just aren't what you need! 

Wouldn't it be great if there was a small, lightweight vacuum cleaner that you could take anywhere and use anytime, quickly and easily? 

Introducing the amazing Fluppi - the smallest, most convenient, cleaner in the world! Fluppi is a simple cleaning brush from Germany. 

  • It is no longer than an eyeglass case and weighs only a few ounces. 
  • It has no batteries or cords, no bags or tape, nothing to add or replace. 
  • It is incredibly simple to use and unbelievably easy to clean. 
  • Fluppi is perfect for your kitchen, tool chest, car, boat or travel kit. 
  • Anywhere you need a small, powerful cleaning tool!
  • Dirt, crumbs, and pet hair disappear in seconds. It can pick up objects that ordinary vacuum cleaners never should; objects like nuts and bolts, broken glass, gravel, even small batteries! 
  • Just drag your Fluppi back and forth over the carpet and watch the debris disappear! No heavy cleaners to lift, no cords to plug in, no bags to worry about - how much easier can it get? 
  • Clean up is a snap. Just pop the Fluppi open over the nearest garbage can and you are done! 
  • If you ever need to wash it, just put it in the dishwasher! Best of all, with Fluppi, you don't have to throw away what you picked up - those nails can go right back in your tool box. 

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