Fusion Battery Boost  (3-Pack)
Fusion Battery Boost (3-Pack)

Fusion Battery Boost (3-Pack)

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Extend Phone Battery Life Up to 28%
Part Number:FB-1984-2
Boost Your Battery Up to 28% In Between Charges.

Lab Tested and Verified!

-Simple Installation:
          -Place inside your phones protective casing
          -Conceal inside the battery compartment
          -Attach directly to your phone!

Every minute that your cell phone is being used, it is "self-discharging". During this process the "ions" inside of the lithium ion battery are degrading. This degradation causes a battery capacity loss of 2% to 5% per month. How about new phones that haven't discharged?

The Fusion Battery Boost significantly increases the life and health of your new battery by protecting against self - discharge and reducing device heat. Charge Your Battery Up to 15% Faster. Self discharge has a significant effect on the charging speed of your phone. As our phone battery degrades so does your charging time.

Reduce Your Cell Phone Battery Heat. The number one cause of accelerated self - discharge is exposing your cell phone battery to heat. In fact, one day if left in a hot car, can increase self - discharge by over 20%. Laboratory Tested and Proven.

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