Fusion IONZ Pro  (Exclusive)
Fusion IONZ Pro (Exclusive)

Fusion IONZ Pro (Exclusive)

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Fusion IONZ Pro

The Fusion IONZ Pro Series negative ion generating bracelet has been scientifically tested to emit 1500-3000 cc's of negative ions per second. Due to the thickness of the band and the strength of the silicone, we were able to maximize the Tourmamix mineral mixture that has been infused into the band.

The Pro series is reversible and available in beautiful 2 tone finishes so it is like getting 2 bands for the price of one!

The Pro series is available in S, M, L


Clinical Trial

Fusion IONZ recently commissioned a three phase double blind placebo controlled clinical study to test the efficiency of Fusion IONZ bracelets when it comes to strength, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance, energy, pain relief and negative ion output

Submitted by Energy Medicine Research Institute, Lisa Tully, PhD, founder

Abstract: A human clinical study examined the efficacy of the Fusion IONZ Band to increase flexibility, strength, balance, endurance, energy, pain relief and negative ion output. Results demonstrate that the Fusion IONZ Band significantly increases performance, aids pain relief and produces more negative ions than any other negative ion product mentioned. 

Phase 1:  Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Muscle Endurance and Energy

Study participants were asked to perform a series balance, strength, flexibility and muscle endurance exercises while wearing an active band, placebo band or no band.  The participants did not know which band was which they simply performed the movements. They self reported their energy levels. 

Reported Results:

  • Average of 14.42% human performance increase
  • 20.72% performance increase over placebo
  • ALL participants experienced a performance increase with some experiencing as high as 27.7%
  • Self Reported 100% increase in Energy

Phase 2: Pain Relief

Participants currently experiencing body pain were asked to wear the Fusion IONZ bracelet and report on their pain levels after 15 minutes, 24 hours and one week. 

Reported Results:

  • 8.82%reported pain decrease after 15 minutes
  • 20.46% pain decrease after 24 hours
  • 29.46 % pain decrease after one week
  • Participants reported increase in mood and better workouts

Phase 3:  Controlled Negative Ion Test

Negative Ion output levels of Fusion IONZ and 13 competitors were measured in a climate controlled laboratory using a COM Systems 3010 PRO (industry standard).  All competitor bands were purchased by the unaffiliated research company direct from the proper manufacturer web sites.   

Reported Results:

  • Fusion IONZ tested at 3290 Negative Ions per CC per second which was an average of 1983.15 higher than all the competitive bands and nearly 30% higher than the next closest competitor.  

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