Original California Power Duster
Original California Power Duster

Original California Power Duster

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This is the interior/exterior model designed for use on all vehicles and a perfect choice for those who need to dust areas too far to reach by hand.  It is not only perfect for vehicles but great for around the house.  Think ceiling fans, air vents, bookshelves, laminate/wood floors, the possibilities are endless.  The long handle ensures whether high or low, not a spec of dust escapes. 

The power duster keeps your car or home looking freshly cleaned with a quick once over without the need for water or sprays.  The dusters have a special paraffin wax blend that is baked into the 100% cotton strands during production.  It’s this wax that allows the dusters to gently remove the dust without leaving any residue or scratches. 

The dusters last many owners for years without cleaning or maintenance.  In fact, the original product catch-phrase was “The Dirtier They Get… The Better They Work!”  Now the catch-phrase is “Don’t Just Move Dust… Remove It!”  Both are true.  The dusters will turn brown and black and keep on picking up dust like magic! 

The power duster features an aluminum extension handle and is emblazoned with the black “The Original California Floor Duster” logo on top of the mop-head.  The handle also has an eye hole for hanging storage. 

The power duster handle extends from 26" to 45" long (mop-head 4-1/4" x 9-1/2").

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