Original California Wheel Duster
Original California Wheel Duster

Original California Wheel Duster

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This is the exterior model designed for use on all vehicles and a perfect choice for those who leave no part of their ride undusted.  It is specially designed to dust wheel rims, front grilles, bumpers, and racks.  The duster easily spreads open when pushed onto an object for easy one-hand operation.  The duster then gently clamps around the object to clean both sides simutaneously ensuring not a spec of dust escapes. 

The wheel duster keeps your rims, grilles, bumpers, and rack looking freshly cleaned with a quick once over without the need for water or sprays.  The dusters have a special loop string microfiber that creates a very large and efficient dusting surface allowing the dusters to gently remove the dust without leaving any residue or scratches. 

The wheel dusters last many owners for years and can be washed to allow repeated use. You can wash it hundreds of times! 

The wheel duster features an ergonomic handle and is emblazoned with the silver “The Original California Duster” logo.  The handle also has an eye hole for hanging storage. 

The wheel duster is 16" long (mop-head 8").

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