Peaceful Sleep Combo
Peaceful Sleep Combo

Peaceful Sleep Combo

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The Peaceful Sleep Combo includes:
1 Snore Prevention Mouth Guard
1 6-Piece 1800 Threadcount Bed Sheet Set

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Now you can enjoy luxury of Bed Clothes microfiber blend bedding with negative ion technology for better sleep.

What is Microfiber

Bed Clothes Bamboo Microfiber is a patented blend of Rayon from Bamboo that is finished with Polyesters to create a light and silky linen that produces Negative Ions. 

Benefits of Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fibers have many benefits when it comes to their use in bed sheets.  First of all, they are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.  Secondly, they have softness that compares to silk and cashmere. Finally, they are self temperature regulating since they have ventilation properties.  Sheets made from bamboo fibers stay warm in the cool while styling cool in the warm weather.  

Negative Ion Sleep Technology

Negative Ions are simply negatively charged air molecules.  These types of molecules have been medically proven to benefit the human body.  A very unique benefit of bamboo fibers is their ability to emit negative ions.  The use of bamboo fibers combined with our ring spun process maximizes their output to nearly 1500 C/C's of Negative Ions.  

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have found that levels of negative ions that exceed 1,000 CC's are directly related to levels of serotonin in the brain.  Negative Ions balance serotonin levels in much the same way that natural sunlight suppresses melatonin. Balanced serotonin means better and deeper sleep. 

Additional Bed Sheet Benefits:

  • Wrinkle Free Design
  • Stain and Odor Resistant
  • Lightweight and Breathable
  • Shrink Proof, fade proof and form fitting
  • Open Stitched Hem
  • Temperature Regulating Design
  • Naturally Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
This bedding is perfect for those who are looking for a soft, lightweight sheet set.  Bamboo microfiber has the feel of silk without the associated slip.  

6 Piece Set Includes:  (Fits up to a 16 inch mattress)

(Color and Fabric May Vary)

  • 1 Flat Sheet
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 4 Pillow Cases
Available Sizes

  • Flat Sheet (81" x 96")
  • Fitted Sheet (54" x 75")
  • 4 Queen Size Pillow Cases
  • Flat Sheet (90" x 102")
  • Fitted Sheet (60" x 80")
  • 4 Queen Size Pillow Cases
  • Flat Sheet (108" x 102")
  • Fitted Sheet (78" x 80")
  • 4 King Size Pillow Cases

Also Included

The Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece is an oral appliance worn at night for snore prevention and sleep apnea. The mouthpiece positions the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep. This widens the respiratory tract, enabling air to flow unobstructed through the breathing passage, which allows you to breathe more freely and stop snoring. The Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece also helps with Bruxism, a condition that causes you grind your teeth at night.


  • Helps to Stop Snoring
  • Aids with Sleep Apnea
  • Prevents Grinding of Teeth
  • FREE protective storage and travel case
  • Simply insert the tray and enjoy a better nightÌs sleep!
  • Similar cessation products can be obtained through the dental office for $500

The Breathe-Easy Mouthpiece offers many sophisticated and noteworthy benefits above and beyond the jaw forwarding technology:

  • Made from soft silicone making this one of the most comfortable mouthpieces on the market
  • Four large holes allows you to breathe-easy during sleep
  • Air Spring Base allows for a comfortable variable bite opening and gentle TM Joint decompression
  • Mouthpiece effortlessly controls your tongue position
  • Ready form technology allows you to wear this mouthpiece right out of the package without boil and biting



  1. 97% of patients who used the oral appliance considered it effective in eliminating or reducing sleep apnea and snoring:
  2. 80% of users preferred the oral appliance over the CPAP machine in the treatment of sleep apnea and snoring:
  3. 91% of these bed partners reported they slept better after their partner wore the oral appliance:


What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder that occurs when a person's breathing is interrupted during sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during their sleep, sometimes hundreds of times. This means the brain -- and the rest of the body -- may not get enough oxygen.  

Sleep apnea often is characterized by loud snoring followed by periods of silence when breathing stops or nearly stops. Eventually, this reduction or pause in breathing may signal you to wake up, and you may awaken with a loud snort or gasping sound. You may sleep lightly due to disrupted sleep. This pattern of breathing pauses may be repeated many times during the night.

People with sleep apnea usually experience periods when breathing slows or stops at least five times during every hour of sleep.

Effects of Sleep Apnea if left Untreated:

  • High Blood Pressure 
  • Stroke
  • Heart Failure, Irregular Heartbeats, Heart Attack 
  • Diabetes 
  • Depression
  • Worsening of ADHD

Precautions & Warnings:

  • Suitable for adults only and for those with healthy gums and teeth. Not recommended to those under 18 years of age, who have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease, who wear braces or dentures, who have severe respiratory disorders or central sleep apnea. If you think that you suffer in any way from obstructive sleep apnea please consult a physician prior to using any brand of mouthpiece
  • Use of the device could result in tooth movement or changes in dental occlusion, gingival or dental soreness, discomfort to the temporomandibular joint, obstruction of oral breathing, excessive salivation

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