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Smoky Bubbles Anywhere! This awesome portable water bong is great for a clean quick bubbly smoke at the beach or at the campsite.

Hybrid Domeless Nail Attachment / Eject a Bowl is specially designed for Roll-uh-Bowl's silicone water pipes. Bowl & stem are made from anodized aerospace aluminum with stainless steel spring and high temperature silicone grommet. The included Graffix™ Composite Downstem contains a 1-way ball that glows in the dark. That little ball prevents back splash by keeping water from blowing out. All components can be rearranged to create a male joint perfect for securely holding a domeless nail with female joint in place.

Bowl and stem are made of anodized aerospace aluminum

  • High temperature silicone grommet
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Tube (stem) diameter: 9mm
  • 9mm Graffix™ composite downstem with 1way stopper ball
  • 9mm alloy eject-a-bowl
  • Made in the USA

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