Soap & Lip Balm Set
Soap & Lip Balm Set

Soap & Lip Balm Set

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Welcome to the farm where roosters crow at 5am, goats roam mountain pastures, and the door is always open! Our soaps are handcrafted right here in our farmhouse kitchen with all natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients are raised right here on the farm, from growing herbs, to milking goats we are proud of our soaps!

Each bar is hand mixed, hand cut, labels applied individually, and given a full six weeks Goat milk soaps are all natural and soothing to the skin. No chemicals for our family, or yours!

Use and Care: Use on skin as normal shower or hand soap and enjoy softer skin! Place bar on rack between uses to allow to dry.

Allergy:  People with skin allergies should test the soap on a small spot of skin first and stop using if irritation occurs.

Please Note Due to the nature of our soaps being all hand processed there will be natural variations in size, shape, and color from batch to batch and even within batches. We think it adds character, goodness knows there were a lot of characters who had a hand in making it just ask Ethel the goat!

Girls Day Out

Nothing is so fresh and invigorating as the crisp aroma of peppermint! Throw in some sassy pink swirls and you have a fun, fresh, must-have soap for any occasion!  Made with real Peppermint essential oils-one shower with this soap and you won't remember how you started your day without it!

Fantasy Unscented Goat Milk Soap

Fantasy purple made using all natural herbs! This soap is a stunning deep purple swirl. Unscented for those sensitive to fragrances, although with color like this who needs a scent?

Mountain Rose Goat Milk Soap

The scent of roses wrapped in shades of pink!  This soap is a favorite of the women on Free Reign Farm. Soothing goat milk and real bentonite clay bring special qualities to this soap. A must have for any womanÃs daily routine! Made with pure palmarosa essential oil and real rose petals!

Promised Land Honeysuckle & Oatmeal Goat Milk Soap

This soap just might make you think you've found the promised land! Smooth moisturizing goat milk combined with all the soothing, exfoliating benefits of real oatmeal! Top this combination off with a rich honeysuckle essential oil scent and you know you've found on land flowing with milk and honey. Ethel says she just likes the oatmeal top dressing!

Summer Night Walk Lavender Goat Milk Soap

The scent of spring Lavender lingers in the mountain air. Let this scent sweep you into the pleasure of a moonlit walk.  This soap is rich color and striking swirls make it a favorite! Add the naturally soothing properties of Alkanet Root and pure Lavender Essential Oil and you are sure to fall in love!  This truly is an amazing lavender goat milk soap.

Tropical Escape Citrus Goat Milk Soap

Ready for a relaxing vacation at the beach with the sweet aroma of  citrus in the air? This is truly an amazing sweet orange goat milk soap!  Now you bring a little piece of your vacation paradise to your shower every day.

Winter Breath Eucalyptus & Peppermint Goat Milk Soap

Powerful vapors of eucalyptus and peppermint are excellent for those winter time stuffy noses.  An athlete friend in the summer as well peppermint and eucalyptus are essential oils have a cooling effect much like a refreshing winter breeze in the shower to chase away the summer heat! You won't want to be without this soap!

Grandmas Kitchen Cinnamon Clove Goat Milk Soap

Every Grandma in the world knows how to make a kitchen smell like the most delightful goodies.  This soap brings to life the scent of Cinnamon Clove bakery as only grandma could make it!  Real cinnamon and goat milk swirl make this soap a must have for your country mornings.

Log Cabin Fir & Cedar Goat Milk Soap

There is nothing better than a hot shower in a rustic log cabin. Now  you can enjoy the log cabin everywhere you go with this very special Goat Milk Soap.

The crisp woodsy scent of a mountain log cabin retreat made with real Cedarwood, Fir, and Walnut Hull Soap for men who want to smell like men.

Lumber Jack Pine & Clove Goat Milk Soap

Fresh pine with a spicy clove undertone! This soap is for the rugged outdoors man.  Coarsely chopped nettle adds some serious exfoliating value to this soap followed by soothing cocoa in with a fresh spice scent!

Mothers Touch Goat Milk Baby Soap

Mothers Touch baby soap is our gentlest soap yet! 100% Castile soap made from pure extra-virgin olive oil and real goat milk to create our creamiest, softest lather yet. A smaller bar for easier bathing of little fingers and toes, and natures softest recipe-as only mother knows.

Poison Ivy Soap Jewelweed, Pine Tar, & Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap

A must have for the outdoorsman! Our Poison Ivy Soap is made with wildcrafted Jewelweed that grows native to the mountains of east TN. Jewelweed is one of natures best kept secrets for poison ivy! We've also added in plantain, and yarrow, and tea tree essential oil-all super heroes of the herbal world for skin! We've also added good old fashioned pine tar to this recipe which makes it a combination of mountain secrets, herbal remedies and grandpas wisdom!

Mountain Goat Patchouli Goat Milk Soap

Our most requested scent Patchouli goat milk soap is finally here! This soap is a striking pattern that is reminiscent of a mountain ridge outline. It's gorgeous to look at and carries a lovely earthy scent.

Earth and Sky Tea Tree & Lemongrass Goat Milk Soap

This soap blends the beauty of earth and sky.  This soap is a fresh, bold mix of sweet lemongrass and crisp tea tree essential oils for the maximum in refreshing fragrance. Tea Tree Oil has long been touted as one of mother natures miracles and provides several outstanding benefits for oily or acne prone skin. Makes an excellent face soap for those skin types!  Truly an amazing spin on tea tree goat milk soap!

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