Super e-Cigarette -  Medium
Super e-Cigarette - Medium

Super e-Cigarette - Medium

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Extra Cartridges
Medium Super e-Cigarette.

Enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of smoking without Tar, Ashes & No Smell; Just Vapor. 

Easy to use; simply inhale like you would a regular cigarette, and instantly your e-Cigarette will power on and create the great taste you're used to. Even better, there is no second hand smoke, no ash, and no odor.

Now you can smoke on the airplane, in the bar or anywhere; because this device does not put out any pollution or harmful byproduct like tobacco cigarettes.


  • Enables smokers to abstain from smoking pain free
  • Rechargeable; Just plug into normal 110v Outlet
  • Comes with 5 cartridges which equals 1 Carton/10 Packs

BONUS: Free extra pack of cartridges so you will have equal to 2 Cartons Total! While Supply Lasts!

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