Titanium Sports Triple Braided Necklace

Titanium Sports Triple Braided Necklace

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The titanium sport necklace balances the bio-electric current of the body to improve the body functionality and conditions by using the bodyÃs natural healing ability to restore and ward off complaints of the body. The titanium necklace is able to improve performance, balance, flexibility, stamina and strength.


  • Titanium is not known to be hypoallergenic to the human body, which means no matter the condition it will not cause irritation, rash or discoloration of the skin.
  • The titanium sport necklace is capable of being worn for everyday use, whether it be for recreational purpose, practices or just being stylish. As the design is thought to be well built and is of a high quality fiber. Its durability enables competitive athletes to wear the necklace for outdoor activities, without having to consider if the necklace will be damaged.
  • Titanium sport necklace can be worn on a regular basis. For this, it might absorb perspiration and even get wet. Getting wet or absorbing sweat will not alter, change or have any form of effect on the Aqua Titanium that is well bonded in the fabric.
  • The titanium sport necklace appeals to different taste because of its versatility and the protective clasp that is attached makes it more secure on your body and less likely to be lost.

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