Tuckaways Purse Organizer
Tuckaways Purse Organizer

Tuckaways Purse Organizer

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The well-constructed, water resistant, lightweight organizer is a must-have accessory that will last for the long haul, staying by your side throughout changing trends and fashion fiascos.

Whether your current handbag clashes with your outfit or you need to wear a smaller bag during a night on the town, easily move from one purse to another Handbag Insert.


6 conveniently located inner compartments with lightly elasticized pockets on each end to stow sunglasses and/or reading glasses.
  • A large zippered compartment on the back can be used for cosmetic items, eliminating the need for a cosmetic bag.
  • An inner key fob, when clipped to a ring on the opposite side, allows for all contents to be easily moved from one bag to another.
  • The strap can also be used for added security for handbags and totes with no means of closure.
  • The front has an easy-access slip pocket for passports, employee security cards, etc. To keep their shape and effectiveness, the sides are reinforced.
  • We've kept the ends soft to conform to all bag shapes

Tuckaways Features:
  • Easily change from purse to purse with no hassle.
  • Protect your purse from nasty pen explosions or dirty loose change at the bottom.
  • Keep your purse tidy with the Tuckaways.

Comes in 2 sizes:

Regular  9" x 6.5" x 4.5"
Large     11" x 6.5" x 4.5"

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