Twist Adjustable Aerator by HOST
Twist Adjustable Aerator by HOST

Twist Adjustable Aerator by HOST

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Tired of letting your wine breathe for hours before drinking?

The wait is over! Instantly decant any wine up to 6 hours with HOST hand-held TWIST Adjustable Aerator.

Perfectly aerate any wine from your lightest pinot noir to your most robust Bordeaux. Just pick a setting, pour it through and drink it down. By mixing oxygen with the wine, the TWIST improves the taste by softening tannins and releasing flavors.

Leading competitor products aerate at only one level, causing you to over or under aerate your wine. With the TWIST, you can instantly decant any varietal in a matter of seconds at the perfect level. Simply twist the stainless steel band to affect how much air mixes with the wine, allowing you to instantly decant anywhere from 0 to 6 hours. As you pour wine through the flow meter, watch and listen as it consistently aerates. Through extensive scientific testing, HOST Studios was able to measure the amount of oxygen that most decanters added to wine over time. This allowed them to create an instant aerator that saves anywhere from 0-6 hours of decanting with each pour.

Made from a stainless steel band and BPA-free acrylic, food grade silicone to ensure a perfect seal, this product is guaranteed to have a strong retail presence. Unlike the leading competitor's product, HOST seamless exterior allows you to confidently hold the aerator anywhere without the risk of blocking essential air inlets.

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